Why is it so and how and can it be better?

with john we did was we 
 what we did with john we looked at a slide show about some tecnology then what we did was we had to draw a draft or plan or a thing that is tecnology or something else I drew a moder cycle.
I learnt that apple was creared by two guys.
I wonder why we learnt this.
pauls group problem solving 
design and creativity
what we did was we done some puzzles on pauls bolg and there was a challenge we had to do me and dylan figer it out so there it two parents and two children so 1 adult goes then they sail it back then the two children go and the adult there sails it back and the last adult would go and sail the boat back!.I learnt that problom solving is not so hard. I am wondering why he had some puzzles on his blog like the spongbob one.
Fiona inventions
What I did was we wacthed a video about inventions there was a car a moder cycle and a plane. Also what we did was we had to chosse a key and draw the thing it had like a spoon and a fork combined and a machine that makes your bed i drew a egg pealer and a pacamachine and a fork and knife. I learnt that you can be a inventer at eny age. And I wonder where to find the matireals. Sorry about the people in the backround.
Celice telaphones changed from now
what we did was we looked at a slide show about telaphones and then we had a sheet and we had to write to different phones like the brick phone and mobile phone. Which I did And we had to write what was the same and diffrent. I learnt that there is a lot of phone before the ipone 6. I wonder what is the oldest phone ever. I liked that we learnt about phones because I thought it might be boring. And now I wont to know why so of the old phones are still around.
Robert creativity
With rober we made spaggeti briges it was so fun my group me made a brige and it was a bit heavy so it might be a bit strong. We disidec to make a long log and put lagers on it so would be stong beacuse teachers are going to put a type of weight and see if it breaks. And I enjoyed making the brige.
Jeremy Clarkson video reflection
I learnt that computers have changed the world because we have a lot of electronics that are robots and you sometimes use a computer. Also I learnt that newspaper are made by computer who would of thought.I learnt that also computers can be robots like a robot dog because from the video a robot dog was there. I wonder why no one came to the guys funeral. I found interesting that a actually robot dog was moving.

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