Dear Sister and Brother,


I have left England to go to werribee. I miss you. My life is horrible without you. I have a job as a banker. I have  4 hotels, 2 bankers. It’s not the same without you, please, please come and pick me up. I am lonely! LONELY!. Tell mother and father I miss you as much as my home. I eat allot of amazing food my favorite is fish and chips I hear. You should try the food it is  nice. I like about this place that there is a mansion. It is as big as a plane. Mum dad I want you to sell my toys and buy me adult thing. Because I have grown. I know that you guys back home are poor. don’t worry I will came back  home, so stay safe and be in the house.You can remeber me by looking at the photos and calling .





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  1. Hi Halle,

    I like the letter you have written about living in Werribee in early times. It would be great to see even more of the work you did for inquiry during Term 1.


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