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In perfoming arts we have been learning about miming. Miming is like clowning but in mimes you don’t make a sound!. Also you wear white and black make-up or you might were different make-up. Miming is a fun thing to do you get to do funny things to impres little kids and adults.

OLSC got talent 
On olsc’s got talent we won and we where so nervis  I learn’t  that getting through is hard. I learnt that I Lot’s of people tryed really hard . And that only  4 group went in olsc’s got talent. I enjoyed that we got through. And that lot’s of people voted for us and that we got to see all people sing dance or do the other stuff they did.
semerster 2 performing arts reflection
what I have learnt…
I learnt in performing arts that there is so many things  and I learnt that in olsc’s got talent that if you get throught fiona’s group you need to get past lc1 and lc3.
What iv’e enjoyed …
I have enjoyed so many things like getting thought olsc’s got talent and so many things like performing and space jump And many others.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoy Performing Arts Halle and have learned so much. I would love to see some images of you on the blog.

    Angela 🙂

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