all I now about collages

collages are a pice of art that has many pictures of diffrent thing like things from a magazin you can make a collage out of almost enything and it is glued on.

Term 3 art reflection

I learnt that art is a very  difficult to do because there is many ways to do it.

i learnt that art is fun to do.

i learnt that art is really interesting .

I enjoyed making the clay models because we had our hands full of clay.

i enjoyed that we have had the art show and our work was there  because we would feel confedient.

my grouped worked really good in art but sometimes we are not on task.

I think art is hard because there is many ways to do art and they can be very hard.

next term I will try to use my time a bit more efectively so I can finish more work.



Visual arts reflection semester 2 2014

I learnt in art to…

(1)paper quilting, (2)To make a table toping in a group,(3) that their is a lot of thing’s to make in art,(4)I learnt that art can help you in english because we might have to draw something creative, (5) I learnt that with any scraps around the house can be used for a art pice.

I enjoyed…

I enjoyed from the art show 1 person drew a ariana granda drawing and it was amazing. I enjoyed making paper scrolls because I am proud of what I made.

How I work in a group…

when we made the top of the table my group tryed really hard to make it our best. And when we did the mosack we did good putting on the pices of pebles and tiles.

I think art is…

creative, because we get to let our creative side be free and make crazy stuff like a crazy tower.

Art has helped me

Art has helped me in maths by helping me make the 4 blocked houses on isometric paper.


One thought on “arts

  1. Hello Halle. I is good to see that you have begun reflecting on your work.
    From next term I will be looking forward to seeing some pictures uploaded of the great work you are doing, followed by a reflection.

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