Things I’m proud of this week in English that I have almost finished all of my must does.

Things I’ve learnt this week for English I have learned how to write a fable.

My goal for next week in English is to lean more about how to write poetry.


Things I’m proud of this week in Math is that our restaurant rules is finished and our guest loved it.

Things I’ve learnt this week in Math I have learnt that if you want to go to a different country it cost a lot of money.

My goal of next week in Math is to learn as many things in math as I can.


Things I’m proud of this week in inquiry that I have a new question.

Things I’ve learnt this week in inquiry i have learnt that a mind map could be used for a lot of things like gold.


Week 7


Thing I am proud of this week in english I am proud of that I had to write a reflection about camp because camp was amazing.

Things I have learn this week in english I have learned to write a cinquad and a limrick and acrostic

My goal for next week in english is to learn something new to write like a fable


Thing I am proud of this week in math I am proud that we are up to the itinary

Things I have learnet this week in math I learned that if you want to go to paris you relly need to prepar

My goal next week for math is to learn more stuff about projects

Art show reflection

On Wednesday we where going to have a art show our teachers where asking us to do free drawing and to do a portride all together in a group in john’s group we made a portred of welcome in different countrys my mum is from nigeria which how they say welcome is ndeow it is wearied but they have many ways to say it but the easyes is that.

for the art show we need tickets but if we diden’t get a ticket from the tube we could buy one for $20 dollars. But me and my family diden’t come .

Alana won our portride it was a lot of money but the money was for shopie. Also their was a oxition, a oxiton is where you write your name on paper and she if you win a prise. the art show was really fun and exiting people say but maybe next year I might go.

term 3 week 2 reflection

 what I have enjoyed/learnt this week? Staring olsc got talent with angela and  learning about shapes and also doing more interesting stuff in specialists such as in mandarin we are learning about chines characters.

What I am proud of this week? I am proud of this week that I have reached 10 dojo points and on the 17/10/14  and I got to play a game. Also I am proud of almost finishing my must does.

What my goal for next week is? Is to try not to get distracted by the most simplest of things.

week 3 reflection-tusday

what’s a good about being 3-6 in lc3?

That we get to work in a diffrerent learning space and that we get to work with our old freinds and meet new teachers.

what’s a concern/worry about it?

that we have lot’t of space to hide which means our group might get in trouble and we have to wait to go off.

what can I do to overcome it?

tell the person to stop mucking around if I see them.

week 4 term 4

Something I have enjoyed this week.

About this week I have enjoyed that 3 4 have went on a excursion on the 31/10/14.

Something I have learnt from this week.

I have learnt this week that I have found a way to stop people from drowning that  no one has not invented that.

My goal for next week.

My goal is that on a iPad I can correct my punctuation.

Week 5 reflections

Something I enjoyed this week

I enjoyed this week that in johns group we got to have sport just as señor not with Courtney’s group.

Something I learnt this week

that on the robotics trip I learnt that you can make a moving machine with Lego and a computer can program it.

My goal next week is

for big write to try to write at lest 1 side

week 6 reflections

I enjoyed this week

That we got through OLSC got talent and in art we got to do paper quilting and making something out of it.

I learnt this week

How to paper quilting and that on the 11 month of the 11 day of the 11 time we wait in silence and think about  the solders that died and that day was Remberece day and I learnt about division in math.


My goal is to Try to correct my spelling mistakes on iPads and cromes.

Reflection week 7

I enjoyed

I have enjoyed this week that the year 4 5 6 went on camp because we got to meet naomi and kait and we got to do our math project by our selfs.

i learnt this week

i learnt that for big write we are  writing a chapter book and a narrative.


My goal is to write 1 chapter of my story and edit my fist chapter.

term 4 week 8

what I have enjoyed/ proud of…..

I am proud  that we won in olsc’s got talent finals, I have enjoyed that in auslan I found some interesting facts on the deaf.

what I have learnt…

I have learnt how to use a spreadsheet and that I have got my intro for chapter two in my chapter, also that in genius hour  I have a lot of info on glow jars.

my goal

is to make my second chapter interesting and detailed.

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