My holiday and big write

ON the holiday me mum Kelly and jaden went to highpoint. We bot some thing then later on we sat down we played with  the water things they hade there it was fun. Then after a few minuets jaden pulled his pants down but no one saw thank goodness. Then we went to buy a monster high toy for me because Kelly go 5 monster high dolls. I got  monster high Cleo 13 wishes play set, with a poo!. Then we bot our smuggle pencil case thing, for school. I bot a  purple and pink long hard top pencil case, 24 Twist up crayons. And one long rainbow eraser. Then we went home. Then the next day we went to adventure park. It was a bit of a mix up I’m glad I came, because I found the right lane. when we finally got there we hade to tack our stuff out and it was time to have some FUN! the first thing we went on was the walking thing. it hade water everywhere. Then we went on a another one like it but one slide. And I hi my head allot of times. Then we went on the giant slide. It took a bit of time but, we got on. Even jaden went on he didn’t hold on the mat. It was wicked I loved it. Then we went on the wild blue and gold rush. the blue one was not to scary but the gold rush was very scary. Then we went to have a shower there because, the water was cold they, didn’t have hot warm water. Then we got dress and then we went on the paddle, boats. it was tiering   I hade to steer it and paddle with, Kelly . Then we went on this swing thing that lifted you up high, but you hade to take you shoes of. Oh plus we had food during things.  And then we bot thing, and went home. The nest day it was mums birthday on 1st of January. We bot  two cake one frit cake and a golden cake, They were so YUMMY!. Then after some days it was dads birthday mum Kelly jaden and me bot the cake. Then after some days we  went to go to Nancy’s party. There were  lot’s of

people . after some time the party was over. 

Alaskan klee kai dog

The Alaskan Klee Kai dog is a very rare dog. They are like winter dogs, also there is a sumlar dog to the alaskan klee kai dog called the siberian dog.


male alaskan klee kai dogs are up to 12 or 20 lbs maximum. Female alaskan klee kai dogs are lighter than males; they are 8 to 10 lbs.

what you will exepect

the alaskan klee kai dog has a lot of energy. they like to keep active. they are hard to raise beacuse they move around a lot and can’t stay still. There fur of the alaskan klee kai is often black and white, gray and white, of plain white. the siberian dog is similar to the alaskan klee kai but diffrent beacuse they have red fur.


this dog has a double coat to keep themselves warm, when it is cold. this dog might be hard or easy to raise if they move around.

The alaskan klee kai dog is a very smaller version of the alaskan husky. this are some of ther eye coulers. brown, blue, amber, green or partior and bi-eyed.

when they are a pupy they are 13 inches, when they are a bit older they are 13-15. when they are fully grow they can be 15-17 inches.


Somewhere within the great land called alaskan, between the massive moutains, vast ocenas, the silent tundra and endless sheets of ice, glacier a witch looked down and smiled at the bright eyed tiny form in front of her after rescuing it from the icy water, and drying

it before the fire, it apperd somwhat smalle than she expected. in alaskan they call this dog eskimo but australians call it alaskan klee kai dog……

Prouceder text how to make a ballon rocket

goal:to make a ballon rocket


                                string [3cm]




step 1

Fistget 3 people 2 of the people has to hold the end of the string.the other person has to thread the straw thought the string.

step 2

Then get the tape and put a little bit of tape on the straw, Grab the ballon and blow it up.

step 3

put the ballon on one end and let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.


Have fun and enjoy to play with.

inquiry reflection term 4

something I have enjoyed?

I have enjoyed that fleacher and I are doing something that can stop people from drowing.

something I learned?

I have learnt that our inquiry project  is to improve something.

My goal is that my inquiry project has information about our topic.

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  1. Hi Halle,

    Great work on your writing this semester. I enjoyed learning about the Alaskan Klee Kai dog! Don’t forget to use capital letters when you are typing your writing on your blog.


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