I can  do the ativity that the I am ment to do
what we learned 
What type of sports can you teach us?
Why do you prefer traning adults that kids
what sport do you think is most athelet
i learned that veggies and fruits should be eaten mostikly
 find your iner sport and concer it
 I learned that most athelitic sports are  swiming, socer, netball, and more other things.

Mind body spirt

my first activity was meditation with John. It was so relaxing I loved it but most people where ditracted i loved it because  the story he read was so fun and the time to our self. the things we have to do is find a place and calm your self and relax the special word.
Aerobics with Paul was great he teachd us about polse and exirsie and I learn that if your poles is beating crazy that means that you are going to calapse.
brain gym
Brian gym with Fiona was great there was this hard patern things and other cool stuff. and there was this game but I forgot, the name of it I didn’t know how to play. what other briain gyms are there
doing yoga with Bec heart it heart my leg so yeah I was looking ford for more cool stuff but among all I loved it 
what other yoga is there
doing beep test with Rober was exating I was vsing a year 6 Estella at the end but I gave up and let her win my neck felt like coughing up blood but I, didn’t and my legs got worse from yoga but among all prety good game but hard i wonder how to master beep test
learning the vitamins and sugar and fat, was amazing know I know more about food I learns that if you drink something like lemonad you will have a lot of enery for no reason and you have to exirse allot.  I wonder what other vitamins are there
I enjoyed all of the ativity  because they where fun!
we need sleep to do many things like to do more fun ativitys like running. your mind will tell you how much sleep you need. We have  two sides of our brain one is the active side that’s called the rapid eye movment and the  non rapid eye movment. I found out baby’s should have up to 16.5 hours everyday. 2 years old should, have 13 hours. 5 years old  11 hours. 10 years old 10 hours.  16 years  8.5 hours.
Healthy body
In john’s learning group John is asking use about a qustion for a healthy body my qustion is what ativiys can we do to have a healthy body.
healthy food atapabt
a for Apple 
b for brocale
c for carrots
d for durain
e for egg fruit
f for fig
g for grapes
h for herb
i for ice bugler lettues
j for jakefruit
k for kiwi
 L for lemon
m for mango
n for nectorine
o for orange
p for pinaple
q for quince
r for rock melon
s for srawberry
t for tomato
u for ugly fruit
v for vannila
w for watermelon
x for xinenia
y for yam
z for Zakinthos fruit
for my inquiry I used websites, books and I got help from my parents
 immersion why did they come


what did we do?
   We watched some videos about how Europe might have came to Australia and learned that during world war 2 Europe was distroded
what did I learn?
I learned that during war a lot of places where ditroed and a hip lode of people risked there live and died for us.
What I did?
I done some of the activitieys on john’s blog I read abut Europe world war 2 and I enjoyed it.
i wonder
i wonder why different country’s hade 3 world wars


what did we do?
what we done with Fiona was we all wacted a video about gold rush how to find find gold and how long it could take you.
what did I learn
I learend that in ballarat there is most likeily to find gold and I also learned that people in china use gold more often becuase some braclets and neclases are made out of gold.
what I did
Me and alana played a game together and it was called gold rush what we had to do was to find gold and find out who found the most gold.
I wonder
i wonder why gold is worth a lot


what did i learn
I learned that long ago the queen send captin hook to find some land he saied and sailed then he came a crosse and land then he toled the queen and the day he found austraila was austala day but when war was happening people where trying to leave there  country and that was where the detention chamber was.
I wonder
i wonder why austalia was a detention chamber


what did i do
One thing i did at the end was abariganal dot painting but we uses penciels robert sowed us some videos and abariganal dot paint that he printed and lamanated.
what did i learn
I learned about some of the wepond that abariganal people use and what they where and that they have myths back then.
what we did
What we did was abariganal dot painting and it was amazing
I wonder
i wonder wonder why aboriginals tell story’s by dancing

bec/ Troy

what i learned
I learned about I asylum seekers and refugees. refugees are people that are being forced to leave there country asylum seeker is a person who has left their home country as a political refugee and is seeking asylum in another place. If they come to austraila they will be put in a camber and be study.
what we did 
we learned about asylum seekers and refugees
what i did 
same as what we did
i wonder
i wonder why people go to peoples houses and kill there family


what i learned
  I learned that  during war people where trying to leave the country and lo’t of people died during war. And how to make a paper boat.
What i did 
learned how to make a paper boat and help other to make one
what we did
paul tought us about  if some countrys hade war you have to only bring one thing beacuse there is some many people on the boat.
I wonder
i wonder why people had a disagreement?
 Young immagrents
Name: Taylor
Where he came from: South Korea
What his experience of immigration was: ?
The similarites and diffrences between their country of origan  and their new country:  Korea is diffrent to Atlanta, Georgia that south korea has diffrent foods, funiture, diffrent langued. Atlanta, Gergia is diffrent to korea beause it looks way diffrent diffrent foods and many other things.
young immagrants name Gabrialla
Where she came from coahuulia, mexic
what her exprience of immagrant was ?
The similarities and differences between their country of origin and their new country
In mexico they have diffrent foods and speak a diffrent lagets  and have diffrent funiture and in Austin Texas is different because it looks diffetent and has different shops and different places.
Meet captain cook
Back then in the navy they call ships her.
caption cook was trying to find new land but while they tried  getting there many sea animals where stopping his crew then the saw some seaweed which they knew they  where here close to new Zealand.
after they tried  to sail to a different place they saw brown people which meant they where close to Africa. [I am not trying to be raises].
I learned that he names new south Wales.
Identify a problem
1.what does not work as well as you like it to work
less coal and oil and less trees for oxegen
2. What problems would you like to see solved dogs with out a home in a dog house that does not kill them
3.what needs are not being filled world hunger 
4. If you could invent something to make life easier what would you invent something that grow trees so we have more oxygen 
5. What is the most annoying problem you have found
realation ship issues because I see a lot of homeless people and also people one the streets asking for money.
 My new inquiry project
for my new inquiry I am working with Dylan and we are doing how to improve a car.
what is a invention?
something that you can create something new or old
what is a innovation?
changing something to make it new
what am I wondering?
why do we have the word innovation
design and technologhy 
I think  my topic was amazing lots of people thought it was a great idea and they all loved my trailer. I decided to make this topic because on camp we had to carry our backpack and suitcase. I love how the teachers chose something to invent and create it, it is a very good idea. Plus I loved the other stands, they were really creative like a pencil case and it is for storage and a radio a bit. Most ideas were cool and I think this was the best inquiry expo!.

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  1. Hi Halle

    Halle I am just wondering I ,don’t think I can explain it because I think that your blog is amazing

    Love: sidney

  2. Hi Halle,

    I am really glad that you enjoyed meditating with me during the immersions at the start of the term. You have done some fantastic work for inquiry this semester – I think your veggie alphabet is awesome!
    I’d love to see more of the final presentation you made during the expo on your blog.
    I hope you enjoyed the expo! I thought it was excellent. Well done!


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