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I can finish my job when needed

As the Character Captain, it is your job to share observations you have about the main character(s). Select three adjectives that describe one or more of the characters in your novel, and support your selection with an example taken from your reading assignment.


Specific Example of behavior/action:





How others feel about the character: arthur his brother felt exited that he was going to mail him to a famous man.

Oda Noba was shocked that he intruded to his house by mail. the ninjas felt anger that he he came in with out permission.

His/Her Looks: flat, freckles blond hair exited.

His/Her Behavior: was pretty good





How others feel about the character: the parents felt about arthur that he disbahavies

His/Her Looks: black hair small happy

His/Her Behavior: naughty bad





How others feel about the character: stanly felt worrey that they where triging to fight him.

His/Her Looks: black clothes

His/Her Behavior: ruff fitghing




                     Summarizer: Your job is to prepare a summary of the reading. Don’t tell the whole

                  story, just focus on the important parts. The other members of your group will be

                counting on you to give them a quick statement that tells about the story (the

                summary), and the key points.


Summary:Flat stanley  became friends with odu nob so obu nubo, gave him a ninja uniform it was

made out of black silk. obo nob took him to a famous restaurant, museum, karoky bar and his

movie studio. obu nob had a party after he took Stanley san out. he had the party in oner of Stanley

then at the party he folded Stanley into a origami star. Stanley was very upset then he wriggled and wiggled and he fell on the floor.

still as a star and said i am not a party trick, and then he left. the next day Stanley came to his door and


obu nob apologised about what he did, yesterday and he asked him on a trip. Stanley gave him a

weird glare and said when do we leave




                                    Discussion Director Role Sheet

                     Your job as Discussion Director is to come up with questions about the text that really make your group think!  It is your        job to make sure that you ask questions that can create a discussion among your group.  Good luck and get that discussion rolling!


My Question is: why does obu nobo like to make origami

The Answer is: maybe because he is good at doing it

My Question is: why did his ninja kidnap him

The Answer is: maybe because he left them at the movie studio

My Question is: why did America have a cherry festive

The Answer is: maybe because the cherry tree is special


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  1. Halle,

    Fantastic work putting your literature circle roles on your blog! I hope you have enjoyed literature circles and the book so far. I think it has been a good way for everyone to develop their skills.


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