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  I can correct my spelling mastekes.

What is anzac day
19 years ago Austraiala and new zealand forced. On anzac day kids and parents get a day of work and school. anzac day stands for  austrialia new zeland army crops. britan thought that turkey’s will backout of war. In war there was a lot of grunays under the water.
defenly no junk or some lolly great
sweets are about junk maybe one lolly for school they are yum but it herts bewer of the drill. Junk food could give you tearh pain so stop eating junk decays are these black things in your teath and you need it filled in. If you say to your parents i am eating junk for now your parents are going to say i told you so if you get decay.
anzac day poem
I’m a soilder from  the anzac  I feel blod on my arm I hear gun shots on my ship. I feel tired and smelly , please someone help me get up. I am sick and cold, and  what a shock there a grany under my ship, I need to save my crew oh no some died. I hear the wind gusing through my hair I see, pick black I feel worryed my son will died what shall I do save my crew.
why kids should not wacth tv by 7
If kids don’t get sleep they will have a heart attack and some people are too young to died. It depends on the days like school days you shuld go to bed early. If your going somewhere and it is importand you should go to bed too much tv is bad.
In my opino I think on the holidays and saterday you should wacth tv. On the holidays and your staying home is best. Tv is a wonderful thing but don’t get red eyes.
Persausive text kids should cook
Firstly it is a fun thing to do it is important beacuse if we, had no food we will be died for example it spreds joy. secondly cooking is a great way to learn. It is important beacuse  you have to have a partent to cook the hot stuff. For example  doing the thing you love you can teach  Thirdly you can hav your own cooking show it is important beacuse it helps to learn and teach for example, doing the thing you love you get better.
for my activity I had to write about the text I read
Healthy body 
 1st  question  As well as a physcal  activity what else do we need to maintain our enegy levels?
heathy mind, body, musel, and food.
2en question  what happens to your muscles if you do not exercise? They get flabby and weak and will easyiely break.
3ed  question what does a active promote? working out allot and being fit.
4th question why might people forget to exercise? because watching to much Tv or playing computer games.
5th question what do fruits and veggies contain and why are they important? vitam c and if we have no fruit and veggies we will be unhealthy and get fat.
6th question why is junk food no good? because it is unhealthy and it is not good for your teeth.
Ice skating 
The video is teaching us about how to skate and to baleny your weight. Also it was teaching us how to dance on the ice with someone how cool is that. I learn that ice skating with someone is easer. It’s easer if you start with the pole you hold on and wait till you get better. 
the storm last night
The dangares, ruches, electric shocking storm last night.
Austriala’s gold medal
Austriali’as championship adventures golden medal.
The soccer match
The amazing bone crushing rough screaming soccer match.
The fire
The killing burning bad ashes of fire.
our  wonderful lovley education.
Vcop games
diffrent ways to say said
screamed, say, yelled, repeted, relied, silently, madly, spoke, called, whisperd, mutterd
diffrent ways to say small
tiny, miget, mini, minialure, little, under-size, low, micro-size
diffrent ways to say good
nice, kind, greatful, great, wonderful, nutarian, godness, inspiring, astonshing
things I enjoy this term
for english and the other subjects I enjoyed everything john’s group done beacuse it was fun
why I enjoyed it
I enjoyed everthing beacuse I had to use my brain body and it helped me learn more
what can i do next year
next year for english I would like to do more reading and more type of  activity like when we done the flat stanly
for math we could do more mulpacaten and  do more cooking
Myths, legends and fables 
Myths are things that are made up storys people write them to intrest the reader. Myths are made to teach people how the world works and how to treat each other. Long long ago myhts where made even before history! Myths describe big chocie people made.
Legends are stories that are also made up, but Myths are way diffrent they anser how nautral world works. Legends are their actions or deeds legends are sortove like facts but not comeplitly true.
A fable is like a story but basted on a animal that is trying to act like a person or a plant. The most famuos fable where writen by Aesep. Aesep was a slave but then he started to write fables and the person that
was making him a slave said you dont need to be a slave.
Aesop description


          I found out that Aesop was a ancient writer he most famous for all the amazing kids fables. He was a slave the way he  won his freedom was from his storeytelling which the king said he can not be his slave anymore. The name aseop is a variant of “Acthiop,” which is a reference to Ethiopia in ancient Greek.
Fables comparison chart   
Space creatures 
Thrass words that start with c
Thass foods
My book fair playdoug model
my model is a boy on a rocket the book is called rules of summer

Reflection about the homless 5 things I learned 

I learend that a lot of homless people have a rufe time sleeping mostliy men than women

I also learned that a lot of people all over the world and different ages are homless

Also I learned that 15-17 people are living with other people to seattle and rest/ recover

Also some people are homless because of there relationship isssue and 33 people in austrailia are homless because of that.

Also I found out that 3638% of peopel under 12 are homless.

 Expirence of camp at sunny sunstones

First we hade to get our waterproof jakets because it was raining and we where going to do a nature walk dave was taking us thoigh the forst after we got half way though we had our snack it was wet and it stoped raining.

then we countined our walk the weather go crazyer and crazeyer because it was sunny then rainy then sunny then rainy after we walked up the gigantic hill we got there and had lunch then we lined up and we done rock climing and rock climing simon says and then we done atrary and the low ropes. after all that we had dinner for dinner we hade pasta it was yummy then we had chesscake. then we went into our cabins and had a shower i was with Alan Kelly Maya Sidney and tamsin then after that we had our night walk it was fun then we went to bed. In the morning we had brekfest i had coco pops and vegimit tost it was yum. then we had free time and then we played the suvival games and then we got on the bus and went back to school. 
Also the survival games is where there is different team green is hebavore I was one they eat plants but we didn’t eat plants. Red was carnavore they eat meat theyhad to tag the hebovores then the human they are white if they see a herbavore or canavore they have to give them a tag and a tag is you know how you have your name on it and phone number we had that but ther was no writeing so the canavories had to tag a hevavore and give them a tag then the black they are desis no one can touch them they have to tag someone and they have to give them a tag we played in the forist hevavores had 10 tags canivores 5 humans 2 deses 1.

Line 1: There was a dog who liked to get wet

Line 2: he was a really good pet but he liked to get wet

Line 3: his owners had to take him to the vet

Line 4: the sun started to set

Line 5: then a jet flew by and the dog chases it home

It is really interesting

It is pretty detailed

try to make it rhyme more


A man went to the toilet also washing his hands. After a while his wife flushed the toilet. Then his lage gamen sheperd dog drank out of the golden toilet.!!!!!!

fathers biographichal poem



siblings leanne 

loves cherry ripe laufter his family

needs his wife food and family

he shares  love kindess and some other things

wishes that he can see his mum and that the muppets show was still around

King neptune and the sea monster

One beautiful day under the sea in king neputens kingom he was lisening to his chriden sing. he wore some bling but suprising lee a SEA MONSTER was distorying king neptunes kingdom!

The king quiecky swam out of his house and startes to fight his enemy. there was a lot of times they hade to fight but this was the day he thught he would defet the beast and he did. after the sea monster was dead he put his triden in the sea monsters heart, so he won’t come back… 

Then his kingdom was save at last and they lived fishey than ever no sea monster disterved them ever agian. I think


Letreal questions solve it with fingerprints

Create your own game 

dirty hobo’s

so what you have to do is get a lot of player and 1 person in the middle. that person has to tag all the players the players have to try not to get taged by the dirty hobo and if you get taged you become a dirty hobo which means you have to go to the middel and tage everone the last person standing has to run around the hobos and they count to five and the player has to run the one of the base lines and if they get taged they lose and if they don’t they win. that is not all of it.


what we did for this was we read the solve it with fingerprints text then we had to make our own questions about it my ones where why do you have to use a cleaning cloth to close the door the answer is because you will get your fingerprints on it and it wont match.

why do you need to stick the print onto dark cardboard the answer is to see if the fingerprint would macth and also dark cardboard is dark and baby poweder is white and it would come up on enething that is white.

inventuions what are important

what ewe had to do is we had to go to a website and write what is important to use.




the silk road 5 litrel quesitons

 1. In 1274 italian explores marco and niccollo polo when  out on a 24 year journy which they travelled the famous silk road from italy. 2. Euopen rulers began to wonder if  there was a sea route to the east to get the products they wanted at a resonable price.

Remembrance day reflection

Remembrance day is the day we remember the soldiers that died in the First World War. That day on the 11 month of the 11 time of the 11 day we wait in silence. To some people Remembrance Day is really special because some one in their family tree died.

Remembrance day poem

Remembrance day, Remembrance Day, the people we loved have died in war. Some people are sad that they past. Oh, that day we keep them in our prayers so in our hearts their spirits will grow.

Thrass rap

In a town full of talking dogs lived a tiger. That tiger was very starving so he found a horse so he ate it. Some time later it started to rain. One of the town’s dog dropped some cheese on the floor so a mouse came and stole the cheese. A doctor was walking along but when he noticed it started to rain he build a gigantic boat. Also letting a swan join. They saw some coffee but the doctor was exams tied so he had to go get it but ended up drowning. Then a snail slowly crawled on the boat. The swan apparently ate the snail but end up spitting out a worm. Then a bird glided by and smashed into a bell on the ship. The swan went to swim but started eating some Devine bread that the teacher was throwing.

reading comprehension key words

in this text they are telling us mostly about soils and nature, like how the soil changes colours. This text is giving a lot of information like how soil is formed, poor soils.

create a game 2

things needed:

a couple of friends teacher court

how to play

1 Get your players to stand on I side of the court.

2.people has to go in the middle and try  to at the hospital runners which is the other players.

3. Once a player has been tagged another player has to take them back to the start and if all people are tagged go back to the start.

Digital fable


Book report

book report

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