I can finish my prayers or other thing I have to do
What does scripture say Matthew 4:1-11
The bible is teaching us to love god always. Temps can’t bring us down. Jesus was fasted for foruty days, and nights. It realts to when he went to the dessert. God will commend his angels to concert us.
 sorry it is upside down.
                                                     mum poem
my true mother I love you, you care for me. You have been there all thro my live I  can’t  explane it in an easer way  but some times you get mad and angry, I… I love you. I respect you even though you might make bad choses I love you in many ways. 
                                                          Mary makilop time line
the words are not in the right spots they are ment to be I got confused.
this is my beatitude blessed of those who respect god and pray to him. they are gods children.
Be  the true person you really are.
                                                             Helping the poor picture
                                                                       The greates party 
My party is greatest party invatasion is from cosintino.
                                                                Mary makilope prayer
                                                         the assumption of Mary
 I can see that Mary is dieing and she is rising to heaven to be with god and Jesus, and that the people are sad that she is dieing and the angels, are giving her a crown I think because she is the mother of jesus. In this picture I think that the people are gathering because Mary is going to heaven. This picture is my favarote because Mary is alive and then she is going to see her family.
                                                                                                  this is my picture of creation
                                                                                                            Reflection on presentations
On the 11/11/14 and on the 12/11/14 we where presenting our religion all the presentations where interesting like polution cutting trees lot’s of people really liked how I showed some pictures about the animals { because they haven’t hear of the animal}. I really like all of them and i like how everone had a lot of infomation about  nthere topic. I think my favorite was the poultion but I am not nameing names. Hopefully we all had fun because I know I did.
on the 11/11/14
                                                                                           This is my creation pictures here.h
                                                                                                    David’s family tree
david's family tree

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  1. Hi Halle,

    You have done some fantastic work in Religion this semester. It would be fantastic for you to share more of the work you have done on your blog.


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